Play of the Day



Ladies and gentlemen, friends and comrades, countrymen!

The play of this fabulous day, the 28th of May, goes by the name of Milne Allison* Moldenhauer. Weighing in at a tiny 4 pounds, she entered the bizarre, very American metropolis that is Dallas, Texas, just this fine afternoon. Taos has a sister, now, with whom to wander the big, great, weird world.** And, no doubt, the very same big, great, weird world just got a little bit better by having introduced Milne to its crowd of crazy inhabitants.

Hellllloooo, Milne. Welcome. Let the adventures commence!


*I know, right?!!????

**I speak from experience when I say that having a little sister makes the universe a richer, kinder, more truly awesome place in which to roam.^

^But watch out, Taos: she’s probably gonna be right most of the time. And she might bite.

Play of the day

Ladies and Gentlemen, the play of the day belongs to one Taos William Moldenhauer! Who is this, you ask? Well, just a bit after the sun rose over the West this fine Thursday morning, the 12th of May, tiny Taos was born. He is my nephew. Itinerant me is an aunt!

This is one day, probably the only day of my life, that I will admit to longing to be in a very different, very far away city: Dallas, Texas. That’s where the little guy is right now with his fantastic parents and glorious grandparents.

Break out the┬áchampagne, kids. A brand new sort of wandering has just begun. Welcome to the world, Taos! This big crazy place has no idea what it’s in for!