Of mosquito colonies and textual laughter

Colonialist bastard

O.k. readers, particularly those sensitive to crude language, consider this fair warning. The following post contains the occasional expletive.

Now, having told you what to expect, let us commence with the cursing: SHIT! What I thought was a small, avant-garde gnat commune in the corner of my bedroom turns out to be an imperialist army of mosquitos. I woke up today looking like someone suffering from one of those 19th Century diseases that kills your social life quickly and you slowly. Luckily, my social life here is minimal so I just appear afflicted when I buy my entrance tickets to museums or my groceries. And the folks selling that stuff have, thus far, made no obvious attempts to distance themselves from me. Although, I may not be in the best position to gauge such gestures, considering it is quite common for anyone to look at me with that peculiar “don’t you dare come hither” stare. Fucking mosquitos.

And, in unrelated news, I’ve just discovered the following glorious phenomenon: If a porteño is instant messaging another porteño, or anyone, really, and wants to indicate laughter the following text is used: “Ja ja ja.” Oh my! So splendid a transliteration of “ha ha ha” (which is itself, I suppose, a transliteration) I have never seen. And that it appears totally normal to them to write “ja ja ja” and totally normal to me to write “ha ha ha” makes it all the more jubilant.

That, my dears, is all I have for now. Wish me luck sleeping under the constant threat of attack by those colonialist jerks.

2 Comments on “Of mosquito colonies and textual laughter”

  1. dubis says:


  2. Dan says:

    You must show the mosquitoes no mercy, Alli. This is a chance to practice being mean to objectionable beings!

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