Plays of the days

Oh, my sweet followers, (I wanted to write “oh, my sweet minions,” but I remembered that despite all my efforts, none of you ever do my bidding) my recent plays of the days have been many. I detail the highlights below.

1.) I finally made my way, bearing my camera, to Once Libre. The image above comes from among the collection of shots I took. Explore this fabulous B.A. local here. I particularly enjoy the rooftop, despite the very precarious route one must take to get there. You get a good view of the Once neighborhood and, if the day is sunny and warm, it’s a perfect place to share a maté.

2.) I attended a party on Friday night hosted by a number of members of Buenos Aires Libre. I was the only foreigner in attendance and it was absolutely glorious. We talked politics and drank beer and ate homemade pizza. A joy, indeed, and it counts as research! Who knew fieldwork and a pizza party would coincide in this fine metropolis? Oh wait. I did. That’s why I’m doing this.

3.) The weekend was cold and rainy. This may seem like something other than a play of the day, but I’ve been longing for a change in season. I left my windows wide open so that I might wrap myself in my old sweater and sip hot beverages. I doubt the cold front is here to stay, but a girl can hope.

4.) On Saturday evening I stayed up until 6:30 in the morning chatting about abstraction in the global economy. I may sound a bit like a madwomen with the minimal vocabulary I have at my disposal, but I take the evening’s long duration as a success, marking a level of (if not my fluency) my basic competency in the language. Huzzah!

And there, dear minions–uh, I mean, rather, readers–is your update.

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