Play of the Day



Ladies and gentlemen, friends and comrades, countrymen!

The play of this fabulous day, the 28th of May, goes by the name of Milne Allison* Moldenhauer. Weighing in at a tiny 4 pounds, she entered the bizarre, very American metropolis that is Dallas, Texas, just this fine afternoon. Taos has a sister, now, with whom to wander the big, great, weird world.** And, no doubt, the very same big, great, weird world just got a little bit better by having introduced Milne to its crowd of crazy inhabitants.

Hellllloooo, Milne. Welcome. Let the adventures commence!


*I know, right?!!????

**I speak from experience when I say that having a little sister makes the universe a richer, kinder, more truly awesome place in which to roam.^

^But watch out, Taos: she’s probably gonna be right most of the time. And she might bite.

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